Friday, July 10, 2009

Our High School Yearbooks: Scarboro ME 1956-61

: What did the Calculus book say to the Math book?

In celebration of our oldest grandchild's graduation from high school, let's look back at our school years in the 1950s.

Note: Click your mouse on each photo to enlarge it.

Gorham, ME High School. Grampy went here 3 years, 2 for junior high (7th and 8th grade) on the 1st floor, and 1st year (Freshman) of high school on the 2nd floor. He said his favorite part of school was the cafeteria, where the lunch ladies were generous to hungry boys, and music classes in the auditorium. He was always an honor roll student.

The new Scarborough, ME High School, 1956

My Freshman Year: 1956 - 1957
I started at Scarborough High School in 1956 as a Freshman (9th grade). Scarborough was a small rural town back then, but a new 4-year high school had just opened about a year before, within sight of my house. With a capacity for 350, it seemed huge to me and my class of about 60 students.

Our Sophomore Year: 1957 - 1958
Grampy moved from the neighboring town of Gorham in late summer of 1957, starting as a Sophomore (10th grade). We were both in the College Course. There were also Secretarial, Home Economics, General, and Industrial Arts courses, or tracks. All classes were taken with those in the same group, so even in a small town we had classes with few of our classmates. Only some went on to college, but we had a classical education in preparation for it, with excellent history and literature courses, and 2 years of Latin.

Our Junior Year: 1958 - 1959

Grampy was on the cross-country team. He's on the left, behind (and between) the guy in the tie and the one in the striped shirt.

My Senior Year: 1959 - 1960

My Senior Play
(I'm the one without a mustache).

Voted "Most Studious"
This photo, posed by the photographer, looks more like I'm going to whack John than study with him.

Here I am (on the right) in the ad for the WGAN TV station in Portland.

I was Valedictorian of my class, as shown on the Alumni page in the 1961 yearbook.

Grampy's Senior Year 1960 - 1961
Since Grampy was on his own from age 16, and had to support himself, he had to postpone his Senior year (12th grade) to work, in Massachusetts, for his room and board. He returned to Scarborough High School and graduated with honors in 1961.

Grampy's School Letter was for Cross-Country Running.

Grampy would have liked to be a Math teacher, but got a full scholarship to Tufts University School of Engineering in Medford, MA.

Grampy's Senior Play
Grampy (on the right) was an Admiral. He got to wear a fancy uniform and a fake mustache.

There were more in his class, but here's the part with Grampy's photo.

Scarborough High School Song
‘Round the royal purple standard the sons of Deering throng,
‘Neath the folds the hues of Heaven fair Portland’s sons belong,
But no colors how e’er cherished gleam forth with clearer light
Than the banner of old Scarboro with its glorious red and white.

Red for courage, nerve and prowess, white for purpose pure and true,
Red and white for all that’s noblest, dear Scarboro in you,
Should defeat before us threaten, we will never yield the fight
While above us floats the banner of our dear old red and white.

Riddle answer: You think you've got problems!


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Great photos! =]

Anonymous said...

Great blog! You and S have something else in common that this blog made me realize. You both started your freshman year in a new school that opened the year before!
By the way, love the plaid skirts
Love, L:)

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I love the pictures! I like learning (and seeing) what you and G were like!!

Love R