Friday, October 31, 2008

October Featured Relative of the Month, No. 3

: What is the ghost’s favorite bedtime story?

Our granddaughter L was born the day before Halloween, and has been a spunky redhead from the start.

She has been singing since she was a baby. Once when she was 2 1/2 years old, I was singing with her and her sisters. When I taught them a round, she looked quickly from one to the next, trying to figure out when to start singing. For the rest of the visit she went around singing, "Hey, Ho, nobody home".

She started lessons in a singing/dancing performance group at a young age, and now is an accomplished dancer, and has won awards in both singing and dance competitions. She loves singing the oldies, and also plays two instruments.

She now sings harmony, is the youngest member of her church choir, and has entertained at nursing homes and a senior citizens luncheon.

She has always had an amazing vocabulary for her age, and just this week wrote us a really great letter.

She is outgoing, makes friends easily, and loves babies and animals.

In 1998, the year L was born,
gas was $1.12 a gallon.

On TV: L's family watched Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, The X-Files, Babylon 5 and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

Some movies that year were: Air Bud, Golden Retriever; Babe, Pig in the City, The Rugrats Movie, Mighty Joe Young and Dr. Dolittle.

New toys were Olympic Gymnast Barbie, Furby, Giga Pets, Bug's Life Toys, Bouncing Tigger, Teletubbies, Tickle Me Elmo and Tamagotchi. The furry "pet" called Furby was animated with 6 built-in sensors that let it react to movement, light, darkness and touch. It sold out as soon as it hit the stores. Furby opened and closed its eyes, wiggled its ears, and spoke in English and "Furbish".

Here are some facts about the past 10 years.
A Timeline For L:
1993-2000: William Clinton was president of US until age 2
1998: 1st MP3 player sold; 1st 1 GHz microprocessor - DEC Alpha CPU
1999: Pokémon begins; Apple Computer releases first iBook, age 1
2000: PlayStation II sold - most powerful video system to date, age 2
2001-2009: George W. Bush is president of US from age 3 until age 10
2001: Satellite Radio begins; Wikipedia goes online; X-Box console sells, age 3
2002: Euro currency introduced, age 4
2004: Water found on Mars by Odyssey Lander, age 6
2005: Microsoft ships Xbox 360, age 7
2006: PlayStation 3 ships from Sony; Wii first sold, age 8
2007: Comet McNaught swings by the sun - extremely bright, age 9

Riddle answer: Ghoul-dilocks and the Three Scares


Anonymous said...

It is amazing how fast she has grown, and wonderful talents develop in singing, acting, dancing.
There is so much more to life than school. Guideposts to cling to are from church and family. What a
wonderful girl.

Anonymous said...

Little L is so cute. She has a solo in her school choir, and they perform for the school tomorrow. She's excited for Christmas. You definitely got her love for babies and animals right! Great post

Much love,