Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween In Our Family, Part Two

: What do witches use on their hair on Halloween?

1973, R has a real ladies' blond wig, and Grampy built a frame to make him really tall. Notice the small opening in his coat so he can see out and breathe.

1974, same costume and wig for R, but now L is wearing the coat.

1974, L and R going to a church party. R's vest from a past year is now small, but she has fringed plastic pants and a really, really tall feather. L is wearing Grampy's old bathrobe, my rollers and hairnet, and white facial night cream on her face.

1975, L wearing Grampy's clothes and cap, R still wearing the blonde wig.

1975, R as an alien. Yes, she's wearing a white trash bag, and those are decorated milk jugs on her feet.

1976, R as Wonder Woman in the elementary school parade.

1977, R wearing her sister's Karate Gi, going to a Primary party.

1977, R in her classroom at Lincoln School.
"Ho, Ho, Ho, Green Giant."

1977, R as the Jolly Green Giant in the school parade.

1978, R as a gypsy at the Lincoln School parade.

1980, R as a gypsy, in 7th grade at Junior High.

1988, B and L

1988, I answered the doorbell, candy dish in hand, and found this scary creature. Just Grampy coming home from work wearing his lunchbox on his head.

Riddle answer: Scare spray


Anonymous said...

It's a good thing you kept some of these photos under wraps, or you
might not have ever had grandchildren!


Anonymous said...

Ha! Grampy's costume in the first pic is pretty clever.
Really creative costumes!

Anonymous said...

It's great to see pictures of my mother when she was so young! I love all the costumes


Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures of when my mom was young, she looks so cute!!
And all the ones of you and grampy together are fantastic! I love
looking at all your pictures!!

Love, R