Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween In Our Family, Part One

: What do the birds sing on Halloween?

Olden Times
Halloween 1953
Grampy says:
When I was 11, I was in 6th grade and lived on North St, on Munjoy Hill in Portland, ME. I walked a mile to school every day, so I knew my trick-or-treat route, mostly 2 and 3- family houses, very well.
Being older than my brother, my legs were stronger going up the stairs of all those three-deckers. I was also able to stay out later, so I made two runs, filling up my pillowcase twice!
While I was out the second time, wearing my costume of an Indian mask with a feather and blanket, I saw 2 macho athlete guys from my class. They weren’t in costume, and said they were too old to trick-or-treat, and thought maybe I was, too. Not me! I was a little embarrassed, but got over it thinking how big that second load of candy was!
I also went to all the little corner stores in the neighborhood, and even the local Delicatessen, who gave out cold cuts wrapped in wax paper. It was almost 9:00 pm when I finally got home.

Halloween 1955
Grammy says:
As a child, I didn't go trick or treating. My father didn't give out treats, either. Our house was kept dark so no one would come to the door. We lived on a busy 4-lane highway with woods all around, not in a neighborhood where I could walk to any houses or any children could walk to ours. Once I saw children in costumes getting ice cream cones at Foley's Ice Cream Stand across the road. I begged and pleaded, and my father finally walked me across. I wore a black Lone Ranger mask. I was too shy to say anything, but was handed a cone with a tiny dab of ice cream. I was so thrilled.
In 1955, when I was 13 and in 8th grade, a school friend invited me to a party at her church. We went to a costume rental store and got real beaded 1920's flapper dresses.

In 1965, my mother bought L her first Halloween costume, complete with tomahawk.

Grampy, L and baby R in 1968

In 1969, L had a cast on her fractured wrist, but she also is wearing makeup, my tiara, her Grammy's rhinestone necklace and white plastic zippered Go Go boots!

R in 1969

In 1970, L is a long-haired bride and R is wearing last
year's red tutu. Our foster child D is wearing L's past Indian suit.

In 1971, L is a bejeweled gypsy, and R is in an Indian vest and headband.

L and R at the Lincoln Elementary School parade, 1971.

1971, R, L and Grampy, who has put a mask on a snowmobile helmet far above his head.

1972, cowgirl R, front and side view

1972, L wears Grampy's track shoes, back before running shoes were invented. They were made with turned-up toes, so were perfect for clown shoes.

1972, R wears L's Indian suit 7 years later. Grampy's shoes are even funnier with L wearing them on the wrong feet.

1972, Grampy looking sinister in regular clothes, and R as a fanged witch in a bathrobe.

1972, Now Grampy is the fanged witch, and has powdered his beard to look older. He hasn't had to do that in a looong time!

1972, Leaping through the doorway and scaring the cat, it looks like Grampy's had more than his share of candy this Halloween!

1972, Grampy at Oak Hill, with my father's police hat, jacket, gun belt, night stick and flashlight. The beard and love beads complete his outfit as a hippie cop.

1972, Can you tell that Halloween was Grampy's favorite holiday? Lots of candy and getting to dress like this! Click on this photo to enlarge it and see my Dad in the mirror.

Riddle answer: twick or tweet


Anonymous said...

Yikes, scary creatures - and the costumes, too!

Anonymous said...

These are great! Yeah, I can tell that Grampy had a lot of fun on Halloween =]

Anonymous said...

That is just adorable. I love how festive Grampy is on Halloween. How do you celebrate the holiday now? :D