Sunday, October 19, 2008

Generations of Men: A Family Photo Album, Part 1

: What kind of monster is safe to put in the washing machine?

This is for S, who in a comment on my last post, asked for equal time for the men. Any grandmother knows a grandchild's wish, if humanly possible, is our command. I don't have an unbroken line of fathers of fathers of fathers, as I did with our matriarchal line through my mother, but here are some historical photos of the men in our family.

Generation 1
S, the only male in this generation,
born 1990 in MA
Photo: 1993

2. B, his father, our son-in-law,
born 1958 MA
B.S. in Cartography
High school yearbook photo, 1977

3. B's father, 1926 - 1997 I have no photo

4. B's grandfather
1878 - 1948 MA

Also in generation 4:
B's other grandfather,
Physical Therapist
Gardner Perry 1909 - 1993 MA

On Grampy's side of the family, here are:

Generation 3
Grampy, born 1942 ME
Machinist and
Quality Control Engineer.
High school yearbook photo

4. His Dad, Merrill Frost
1909 -1966 ME
A salesman.
High school yearbook photo
Bar Harbor, ME 1927

5. Merrill's father Irving Frost
1875 - 1968 ME
A lumberjack in the woods
of northern Maine
in his youth.

Also in generation 5:
Grampy's other grandfather,
Eben Pike 1897 - 1950 ME
A farmer in western ME.
Wedding photo, 1919

6. Eben's father, Edward Pike
1863 - 1937 ME
A farmer in western ME.
Photo: 1930

Grampy's Grandmother Pike's father
7. Joseph Jessome
1866 - 1946 Nova Scotia
Mill worker

Riddle Answer
: A wash-and-wear wolf

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Anonymous said...

Now that things are slowing down I can catch up on all your blog posts! I'm amazed with how much history you have collected. Some of these pictures are just amazing. And S looks so cute in his cowboy hat :)