Tuesday, October 7, 2008

8 Generations Of Women: A Family Photo Album

: I know a word of letters three. Add two and fewer there will be. What is the word?

These photos are a matrilineal line, which means your mother's mother's mother, traced as far back as you can go. How fortunate we are to have photos of so many generations of women in our family. (Adaline will be added when I find her photo.)

We'll start with our daughters' youngest daughters:

1. A born 2001 in Utah

Photo: 2003

R born 1994 in Florida

Photo: 1995

2. R born 1968 in Massachusetts

L born 1961 in Maine

Photo: 1980

3. Me born 1942 Maine

Photo: 1960 High School yearbook

4. Dorothy Marie "Dot" (Trout) Nickerson 1919 New Jersey - 2003 Maine

Photo: engagement, 1941

5. Emily Voorhees "Millie" (Hall) Trout 1889 NJ - 1959 Maine

Photo: engagement, 9 Nov 1916

6. Lydia Ellen "Ella" (Apgar) Hall 1853 - 1937 New Jersey

Photo: wedding, Oct 1879

7. Emily Adaline "Adaline" (Lance) Hall 1827 - 1909 NJ

8. Ellen (Voorhees) Lance 1805 - 1885 NJ

Photo: 50th anniversary, about 1876

The Old Album (author unknown)
So fleet is time, this album holds long gone faces.
The laughing child, the bride with her quaint graces,
Are strangers in this now forgotten book.

Not very long ago, their blood's rich heyday
Warmed to the blossoms of a tree on a May day.
Their feet once pressed the path my own have gone,
They saw our meadows sparkle in the dawn.

Tomorrow our new photos that we treasure
Will fall into strange hands.
They will find pleasure in the old gown,
The hair style, the wide gaze.
Our modern world will be "the bygone days."

And we, who have long laughed and wept together,
Where will our home be, this album of leather?
Who will then care what pilgrimage we took
We who dream forever in this book.

Riddle answer: Few


Anonymous said...

How I wish they all kept journels so we could find out how they ever survived. The details of their lives would be so interesting. The photos help us love them already.


Douglas Cootey said...

How come my picture isn't up there? Oh, wait...


Anonymous said...

Aww man, I'm the eldest so I didn't make the cut. ;)

That's incredible that we have 200 years of photos for the women in our family. I knew all but three of them. It's wonderful to see how the fashion changes throughout the pictures


Anonymous said...

This is so neat! I thought it was great that you have these pictures.
Hmm I wonder if you have enough pictures for a generation of men!